At Cooper Law Offices, we represent those who have suffered injury or loss due to another’s negligence or reckless misconduct. Our clients are victims of vehicle, trucking, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle accidents; slip and fall situations and other dangerous conditions on a premises; dog bites; and product liability.

We understand that your injury, or the death of a loved one, can be devastating occurrences. We can help ease the burden so that you and your family can give your loss the attention it needs. We help clients from the outset, assisting to navigate the ins-and-outs of dealing with the insurance coverage issues, managing your health insurance and other benefits, and helping negotiate and manage subrogation claims and repayment obligations and other benefit-related responsibilities. Let us do the work to collect and secure the evidence, interview witnesses, handle the paperwork, communicate with the insurance companies, and help manage your benefits so that you can focus on you and your family – getting better or grieving your loss, one day at a time.

At Cooper Law Offices, we understand the intricacies of the insurance process. We know how to communicate with insurance adjusters, and we understand what they need to move your claim toward settlement. Sometimes, insurance companies make “lowball” offers – offers that are for an amount less than the value of the claim. We will help you identify whether an offer is too low and, if it is, we know how to navigate both regulatory and court systems to get you what you deserve for your injury or loss.

“You protected me and my interest in a way that has allowed me to go forward from this with confidence and assurance.”
- Client